Mission to Zero™ Building Solutions eBook



— Mission To Zero Approach Building performance

— Flexibility

— Sustainability

• Modular, scalable and easily reconfigurable spaces to reflect evolving needs. • Interoperability of different building components. • Streamlined and integrated configuration of power, controls and energy systems.

• Conservation of resources from design to operation to limit environmental impact and reduce carbon footprint. • Circularity embedded in solutions and product design. • Integration of renewable sources to drive down emissions.

— Well-being

— Cost transparency

• Indoor environmental quality to remain safe, comfortable, and healthy. • Optimized natural and mechanical ventilation. • Human centric lighting aligned with circadian rythym • Improved acoustics with low sound-emitting technology.

• Clear visibility of total ownership costs during the whole building lifecycle for effective investment strategy. • Optimization of energy generation, storage, distribution management. • Predictive maintenance and self diagnosis capabilities.

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