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— Lighting Control

The building automation system for lighting and shading control enables the realization of a complete solution. The single systemis based on the KNX protocol.

Switching & Dimming of Lighting • The dimming control system is ideally based on DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) in combination with KNX • These functions can be extended with constant light control, in this case the ceiling- mounted presence detectors work in addition also as light sensor and light controller • DALI-Gateways enable human centric lighting and is also compatible with self-contained emergency lighting Time-Based and Occupancy-Dependent Control • A dedicated KNX radio time switch shall execute this with the possibility to change time schedules directly on the device without programming tools • An occupancy-dependent control is a control form that uses motion or presence detectors: the presence detector shall have a KNX interface in order to connect it to the KNX bus directly. The KNX bus then transmits the appropriate signals to switch actuator channels carrying out the command.

Blind/Curtain/Shutter Control • Curtain and blind control is possible via local operation with switches/push-buttons while motors are interfaced to the appropriate actuators. • Furthermore, the outside brightness value provided by the brightness sensor of the weather system can be used to realize basic automated shading functionality Operation via Switches/Push-buttons • Conventional switches/push-buttons with floating contacts can be integrated into the bus system via binary inputs with contact scanning by means of universal interfaces which can be directly mounted in back boxes. • Alternatively, direct KNX coupling units can be installed. The coupling units can be configurable to send various types of commands in order to be pairable with several applications

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