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Cooling tower fans Cool down condenser water.

Boiler Heats the water for AHU heating coil. Boiler blower controls the draft.

Condenser water pump Moves cooling water between chiller condenser and cooling tower.

Hot water pump Moves heated water between boiler and AHU heating coil. Rotary heat exchanger Energy recovery heat exchanger positioned within the supply and return air flows of an AHU to recover heat energy.

Compressor Increases the pressure of

the working fluid (refrigerant) vapor

Air filter Sending a warning once the load curve changes.

Chiller Consists of evaporator, compressor, condenser and an expansion valve. Transfers heat from the process load to the environment.

Heating and cooling coils Heat or cool supply air in accordance with current need.

Supply fan Delivers fresh air.

Return fan Moves exhaust air away.

Chilled water pump Moves chilled water between chiller evaporator and AHU cooling coil.

Dampers Stop or regulate the airflow

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