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— Energy Efficiency ABB VSD for HVAC

Energy savings with variable speed drives for HVAC Essentially, the biggest reason that variable speed drives are applied in building HVAC systems is to save energy. Building HVAC needs are never uniform as they fluctuate widely depending on weather conditions and building occupancy, but the HVAC equipment is sized for peak loads which almost never happen. Drives can automatically adjust motor speeds of HVAC applications like fans, pumps or compressors to a building’s needs, so only the precisely required amount of heating or cooling is generated. Thus, drives save on average 20 to 60% of energy consumed by HVAC in comparison to traditional control methods like valves or dampers. This fact substantially reduces a building’s operating expenses – by 5 to 10%.

Pumps • Heating and cooling • Booster stations

• Fire Pumps • Pool Pumps

Fans • Supply and return fans • Air handling units • Fan arrays • Cooling towers


Compressors • Chillers • Heat pumps

20 to 60% less energy used with drives

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