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— IEC Low Voltage Drive and Motors ABB IE5 SynRM and Drives Package

Variable speed drives enable a more efficient operation, extension of the equipment lifetime, and cost savings

IE5 Synchronous Reluctance Motors (SynRM)

• Drives that provide even better levels of energy efficiency • Compact general purpose and industrial drives that offer precise control, flexible integration • Wide range of fieldbus adapters enable connectivity with all major automation networks • Bluetooth capability and mobile app to connect and control drives that are difficult to access • Safe torque off (SIL 3/PL e) function ensures machine production and personnel safety • Compact design for easy installation, commissioning and maintenance

• Very high efficiency – reduces energy consumption and emissions • Lower winding and bearing temperatures mean improved reliability and longer lifetime • Enables precise cooling through accurate speed and torque control • Quiet operation reduces cooling noise in the plant for a better working environment • Available in the power range 5.5-315 kW, IEC frame sizes 132-315 • Magnet free rotor increases reliability and reduces need for service

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